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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the vision of La Escuelita Weekday School? To prepare children to thrive in a diverse community and varied education systems, develop necessary social skills, and nurture life skills so they are successful in school and beyond. 

What will the size of the classes be and how many classes will be offered?

We will have two 1s classes, two 2s classes, two 3s classes, and two 4s classes. The teacher-student ratio for the 1s class is 1 to 4, for the 2s class is 1 to 5, and for the 3s and 4s classes will be 1 to 7.5.


What will the class structure look like?

We will not have a lead teacher or an assistant teacher; the teachers will work as teams with one native English speaker and one native Spanish speaker. Classes will have a Dual Language approach. This simply means, one day the primary language spoken will be English or Spanish and the next day, will be the other. We hope to have equal distribution of native English speaking students and native Spanish speaking students in each classroom. Of course, this is determined by enrollment.


What is the mission statement of La Escuelita Weekday School?

By providing a dual language, play based, classroom experience; we endeavor to instill an abiding sense of respect for all children, their unique cultures and their individual development.  By providing this nurturing age-appropriate environment, we will help lay the foundations for academic and social success that our children will continue to build upon in kindergarten and throughout school. By offering parent support and parental education opportunities we hope to get the family in touch with the resources they need to recognize, plan for, and then accomplish their long-term goals.

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